Initiatives and Events

The Chamber is pursuing targeted industry-specific initiatives to provide the most appropriate level of engagement, flexibility and speed to match Myanmar’s evolving business landscape and enable Australian companies to capitalise on opportunities in the market.  We aim to deliver programs are member-focused and member-driven to match Myanmar industry needs.

The Chamber offers the following programs for members:

Business briefings and updates:  Events in Australia to provide briefings on the Myanmar business environment and investment climate, as well as latest industry developments in Myanmar.

Bilateral business and government delegations: The Chamber has hosted events for the Ministry of Mines, Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development and Myanmar Investment Commission in 2013. A delegation from Australia to Myanmar is being planned for the second half of 2013.

Industry Skills Programs: Programs have been developed to provide the opportunity for skill transfer and knowledge sharing between the two countries.

  • Industry Skills Seminars: The Chamber is assisting our corporate members in providing technical training seminars to professional and industry associations and educational institutions in Myanmar.
  • Skill-swap Program: A program is being developed for Myanmar professionals to obtain industry placements with Australian companies to facilitate capacity building and industry skills transfer.

Industry Working Groups: Formation of working groups comprising corporate members to develop initiatives in key Myanmar industries in which Australia has a global competitive advantage, including:

  • Extractive Industries;
  • Education and Skills Development;
  • Financial Services;
  • Agribusiness, and
  • Infrastructure.
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