About Us

The outcomes that the Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce aims to achieve are threefold:

  • Support Australian businesses seeking to enter and explore opportunities in Myanmar;
  • Promote responsible investment in Myanmar by sharing Australian best practice; and
  • Assist in capacity building in the private and public sectors in Myanmar.

Since 2013, the Chamber's key initiatives have included:

  • Leading business delegations and hosting visits between Myanmar and Australian private sector and industry bodies;
  • Capacity building seminars and networking events with the Myanmar business community;
  • Hosting the President of Myanmar with the Australian business community at a dinner in Brisbane during the G20;
  • Facilitating a Australian Government supported program that allows Australian companies to host Myanmar nationals in Australia;
  • Leading an industry working group and preparing a policy submission to the Myanmar Government on the Mining law and regulations;
  • Organising Good Corporate Governance sector-specific seminars; and
  • Leading the formation of the a Responsible Investment Working Group that aims to promote Responsible Investment practices and to engage in and influence public policy in Myanmar. The Working Group was launched in partnership with the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business
  • (MCRB) and will release a report to the Myanmar Government and business community outlining the outcomes achieved, case studies and recommendations on responsible business conduct and eating shared value in Myanmar.
  • If you have any queries about the Conference or Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@a-mcc.com

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